Blog Grid Extended

The Blog Grid Extended module is a variation of the Blog Grid module and is coded separately to ensure there is continued compatibility with Blog Grid modules already deployed,  The images below depict the new aspects of this variation as it applies to the Builder.  It is suggested that the Blog Grid module tutorial be reviewed before implementing this new module.  Immediately below, is a list of new items and functions:

  • New default Overlay layout
  • New Style Selection List for Hover Overlay
    • Choose from ten different animated layouts for title, meta, body and button content
  • New default Read More button (if opted) as well as the ability to use the Advance Design Divi Settings button designer.
  • A new Extended Settings Tab within the module settings modal.
    • Overlay/Hover Meta Background Color control
    • Number of Columns Select List (for single column section use; 3-6 columns)

Review the examples to see a few of the new features in action.